Teaching Literary Elements 6-12


Are you interested in creative ideas for teaching literary elements in your classroom? Teaching Literary Elements (6-12) is an online, standards-based course, designed to introduce and explore new tools and strategies for teaching literary elements. Particular attention is given to character, setting, point of view and theme. Students will have the opportunity to design practical, hands-on activities that will engage students with a variety of texts. Emphasis is given to meaningful interaction with literature, as well as the application of literary elements in student writing.  Course may be completed with or without students.  Required text must be purchased separately.

Course Syllabus

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"This ranks among the top classes I've taken - online or otherwise - and my students are better off because I took it."

-High School English teacher, Ohio

"This has been a worthwhile class. The text book was a tremendous resource in providing ideas as well as helping me sharpen my own skills.  It challenged me to not just teach the same lesson year after year, but to change the way I teach based upon the students I have - to discover their learning style and plan my lessons around what I believe will help them best to become engaged. This was a very enjoyable class, and I can't wait to put even more of my new ideas into action!"

-High School Theater Arts teacher, California