Poetry in the English Classroom


Inspire and engage students with a love of poetry! This online, standards-based course explores a variety of methods for single-subject teachers to bring poetry into their classroom. Students are naturally drawn to poetry. This course will invite teachers to use a variety of approaches with poetry in their classroom and discover poetry that is both appropriate and accessible for their students. Teachers will learn practical, hands-on strategies for helping their students discuss, write, understand, and appreciate poetry. Teachers may complete this course with or without students. Course texts must be purchased separately.

Course Syllabus

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"I am truly enthusiastic about bringing poetry back into my classroom and watching my students as they begin to understand and appreciate the genre.  Thank you for some great resources, feedback and plans!"       -9th grade English teacher, Texas

"I cannot believe what this class has done to my imagination!  It has given me time and ideas to think about how to incorporate poetry in my classroom.  I am really excited to start the year.  I will use EVERY single lesson that I came up with during this class.  I will be sharing my ideas and the book with my colleagues."       -10th grade English teacher, Missouri