Achieving ELL Fluency


This online, standards-based course is designed to help teachers understand and use practical, effective strategies in teaching English language learners in the secondary classroom. The course curriculum focuses on helping teachers understand the needs of ELL students while implementing specific strategies to help students acquire proficiency in the English language. Particular attention is given to teaching vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and ultimately, fluency in speaking, reading and writing English. Course may be completed with or without students.  The required text must be purchased separately.

Course Syllabus

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"This course has given me a new outlook on my instruction of English language learners.  I will be using more scaffolding methods, advance organizers, questioning techniques, as well as many more of the instructional methods in this course.  This is an excellent course that really promotes thoughtful instruction with the ELL in mind and their continued success as the main focus."

-ESL Specialist, Pennsylvania